The Stuff I Read

Today's article will be a short and quick article on the things I read and listen to on a daily basis. Each piece I have selected in order to raise my business knowledge, gain motivation from, learn how to coach better, or round out my personality so that I have balance in my life. This is not a complete list.

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Those "Days"

We all have days were we feel "off." We wake up and don't have much energy, our eyes feel heavy, and the legs are filled with lead. We get up and go about our routine but we can't seem to shake the fog. Our whole day shifts later and later as we realize that not much is going to get done till the body wakes up fully. These "blah" days affect us all so how do we deal with them?

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What My Training and Diet Look Like

In this article I will write out my entire day for 8/28 to show what I eat, when I eat it, when I train, and any personal thoughts to go along with the outline. Based off this you can make many conclusions: 1.) That is the missing key, 2.) I will start doing that, 3.) He is crazy. The conclusion you make is your own and is neither right or wrong. Your conclusion and actions based off of it are just as valid as mine. Every destination, dream, hope, goal, and body composition has a price to be paid. We all do the best we can with the amount of stress, understanding, knowledge, time, support, ability to moderate stress, and will power that we currently have.

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Steps for a better Day

My post today will be short and succinct as the day presents many wonderful opportunities to it. 

1. Choose your attitude - it really is that simple. From someone who has done, seen, and thought many things that I would never recommend to someone else the simplest answer turned out to be true. You can pick your attitude and reinforce it by the language you use. In the opening paragraph I used the phrase wonderful opportunities instead of a lot of hectic shit. That difference changes how I feel and react to the day. 

2. Be prepared - when you have things in order then you can't be stressed out. When people who are stressed out confront you then you can remain calm in the knowledge that you can help them without putting yourself out. 

3. Sleep - emotional stress is the same as physical stress. It's toxic to your body if left too long unaddressed and negatively viewed. Stress prepares our body for action. ACT then sleep to restore your body's balance. Don't stay amped up for too long or you will look like Keith Richards