What to Listen to

The continued development of a positive mindset takes time and work. We all have individual goals and dreams which means finding those of like mind can prove difficult. If we are classically the "sum of the 5 people around us", how can we improve our surroundings? Podcasts.

Podcasts are a free audio source found on an iPhone while Stitcher is one equivalent on non-Apple platforms. Here is a quick list of some great ones to change your "5 people" -

  1. 13 and the Prez - Listen to the tactics, tricks, mental habits, reading material, and decisions that took Maurice Claret from football to prison to motivational speaker as well as how one man went from coal miner to president of an international supplement company.
  2. Barbell Business - Learn from other successful gym owners how to provide better value and service to athletes.
  3. Mad Money - Money is a game and it is being played whether you participate or not. Get educated.
  4. The $100 MBA - Daily 10 min advice on how to run a business better, which all of us are running a business called ourself.
  5. Philosophize This - Expand your mind and learn how to think critically from the best old dudes history has to offer.
  6. The One You Feed - Many of us have a mind that naturally is negative so how do we stay positive and create change? This podcast has weekly episodes on how to do this.
  7. EntreLeadership - Become a better human and a better leader.
  8. Spartan Up - Every episode takes on the question what it means to be successful no matter how it can be defined.
  9. London Real - International guests that discuss how to be successful, what it means to be positive, and how to create change in your environment.
  10. Barbell Shrugged - CrossFit episodes on anything and everything - good listening.
  11. Beyond the Barbell - Interviews top crossfit athletes to find what makes them tick and how they train.
  12. brUTE Podcast - Interviews leading experts in CrossFit training.

We live in an time when information is abundant but time is limited. We may not find the time to read a book but you can always find the time to listen to valuable information.