Steps for a better Day

My post today will be short and succinct as the day presents many wonderful opportunities to it. 

1. Choose your attitude - it really is that simple. From someone who has done, seen, and thought many things that I would never recommend to someone else the simplest answer turned out to be true. You can pick your attitude and reinforce it by the language you use. In the opening paragraph I used the phrase wonderful opportunities instead of a lot of hectic shit. That difference changes how I feel and react to the day. 

2. Be prepared - when you have things in order then you can't be stressed out. When people who are stressed out confront you then you can remain calm in the knowledge that you can help them without putting yourself out. 

3. Sleep - emotional stress is the same as physical stress. It's toxic to your body if left too long unaddressed and negatively viewed. Stress prepares our body for action. ACT then sleep to restore your body's balance. Don't stay amped up for too long or you will look like Keith Richards

Coach Lao Tzu

CrossFit Pagosa hired a coach many years back named Lao Tzu. He wasn't the best for lifting technique and tips but he had great insights on how to motivate each of us in our mental game. Coach Lao Tzu has two important concepts that he wanted me to emphasize: presence and actions. 

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Buffet Time

Berkshire Hathaway has a letter that it sends out to all its shareholders written by Warren Buffet. His 2014 letter was of special interest because he gave a recap of the past 50 years. He writes his lessons learned, his knowledge, his wisdom, and his predictions. We should all pay attention. 

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The Impatiently Patient


A farmer wakes up hungry one day in the late fall and goes out to his fields to get some food. There is no food in his fields. The soil hasn’t been tilled and his barn is full of seed. What is wrong with this picture? Why is it ridiculous for us to assume that a farmer that does not work in the spring should have a harvest in the fall? We can look at this in terms of IP vs PI.

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The One You Feed


You may like to think that you are you. That me, myself, and I are all one person and we are all in agreement. A basic understanding of human psychology will prove that to be otherwise and in fact there is an old Indian fable emphasising this point. The tale is about two wolves inside you that are polar opposites, battling inside you. It's the wolf that you feed that will win in the end. Which one are you feeding?

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How to Approach Training


How should you approach training and what variables come into play in its many aspects. From the motivation to train, to making sure your knowledge is up to date, to controlling internal factors over external - how should we look and move forward with our workouts?

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Why You Must Lift

We all go to the box and torture ourselves for various reasons: to feel strong and confident, to get out of the office, or even to help prevent injuries. At its core then the box should be a place where you get better at life. You shouldn’t train to be a specialist at moving odd machines and alien weights that only exist inside its four walls. So how can the WOD at the box accomplish real world benefit?

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