What My Training and Diet Look Like

In this article I will write out my entire day for 8/28 to show what I eat, when I eat it, when I train, and any personal thoughts to go along with the outline. Based off this you can make many conclusions: 1.) That is the missing key, 2.) I will start doing that, 3.) He is crazy. The conclusion you make is your own and is neither right or wrong. Your conclusion and actions based off of it are just as valid as mine. Every destination, dream, hope, goal, and body composition has a price to be paid. We all do the best we can with the amount of stress, understanding, knowledge, time, support, ability to moderate stress, and will power that we currently have.

4:00am - I woke up hungry. This happens often and is the reason my mother stopped cooking for me when i was still at home as a teenager. Stretch.

4:15am - Breakfast of 2 scoops Progenex More Muscle, 5 corn tortillas with Sabra hummus, 1 can Monster Zero Ultra Energy. I prefer protein powders in the morning due to their fast digestion which will help my body stay in a muscle building mode instead of using muscle to fight off hunger. Caffeine will be a common theme in my day.

5:30am - Open up the gym and prepare for the coming day of class. Prep the coffee machine to keep me drugged up. 40oz water consumed.

6:30am - Perform the PartnerWOD for the day to help an athlete out. I go with a 14# med ball, a 35# kb, a 24" box, and perform strict pull-ups. The work only took 18 min with my partner. All weights are light as it is early in the morning and not one of my planned workouts. When I participate in an unplanned workout I will go light and just move. I am sending the signal to my body to always be ready and to always keep my metabolism up. If I always have the ego to go heavy then my body will not be able to handle the continued stress and start shutting down. For this early and unplanned workout I will go light and just breathe. 40oz water consumed.

7:30am - 2nd Meal of 2 scoops More Muscle, 4 corn tortillas with Sabra hummus, coffee, and 1 can FitAID. Protein powder is preferred due to time constraints with needing to coach and not just set a clock and go eat with no supervision. 4 corn tortillas are used instead of 5 as the FitAID is 11g of carbs and I choose to not eat more than 60g of carbs per meal. The FitAID is used to provide the vitamins and minerals I need to fill out my diet. The protein powder, hummus, and tortillas have met my macro nutrient needs but vitamins and minerals are the "oil" that my engine needs to keep operating. Macros are just "fuel" for the engine.

8am - Start answering emails, cleaning bathrooms, handling money, updating ZenPlanner forms, and bringing CFP coach documents up to date. I perform this work on my rest sets while I work on a 5 sets of 5 reps on Strict Press at 140# and a Back Squat of 305# for 10 reps all ass to grass. These numbers are below percentages but my priority is not on my physical performance or athletic career but on the gym. The gym comes first and I fit my workouts in the time between tasks. All of my focus when I workout is on how the movement feels in my hand, my back, my abs, my glutes, my feet, and my toes. I turn extremely inward to make sure that I am moving safely, pain free, and ultimately as powerful as possible in that moment. Moments change and some days I feel stronger than others but I need to have as many injury free training days as possible if I want to make progress. Stretch. 40oz water consumed.

9:30am - I perform the PartnerWOD with another athlete so that she can go through a workout. This is the second unplanned workout of the day so I keep the overall levels of intensity down by going with a 20" box, an 8# med ball, strict pullups, but I select a 55# kettle bell and perform 1 arm snatches instead of US KB Swings. It is almost 10am so my body is warmed up, I have at least a gallon of water in me, and 2 meals which all mean that my body is primed to start outputting more work. I still monitor the overall load and leave my ego behind as I look to just breathe and not beat myself up. With a high work load and volume of moving I must make sure that I am not going heavier on a consistent basis. The human body is meant to work all day but not at maximal loads which the gym is unique in allowing you to go heavier than normal life would ask or allow you. I also go light so that I can continue to walk around and coach. My priority is in the athletes and that they are getting correction, motivation, and guidance especially with the pull-ups that stopped everyone. Stretch.

10am - 3rd Meal of 2 scoops More Muscle, 4 corn tortillas with Sabra hummus, coffee, and 1 can FitAID. Again speed is preferred with my meal so that I can return to business - answer emails, contact athletes that have been missing a couple days, change memberships, prepare shipments to be mailed. I now go into my weakness workout where I isolate the rest of my body to bring up any lagging muscles and side-to-side imbalances. Since I have done 2 extra workouts than normal I drop all exercises from 3 sets to 2 sets to keep the end of the day volume to acceptable levels. I go through the following isolation exercises like a bodybuilder: barbell twists, glute ham raises, tricep press downs using a green band, bicep curls with a wide grip on a barbell, commando pull-ups, and dumb bell chest flyes. Stretch. 40oz water consumed.

12:20pm - 4th Meal of 2 scoops More Muscle, 4 corn tortillas with Sabra hummus, coffee, and 1 can FitAID. I only had 4 tortillas left so I had to finish my carb intake with another FitAID. I usually keep FitAID to only 2 cans a days but you must always be pragmatic in your diet and make sure that the macro nutrient levels are coming in. If it comes down to eating less real food or the proper amount of food with some processed food mixed in then make the obvious decision: eat the proper amount. 40oz water consumed.

12:30pm - Get adjusted by Bryce Heckman. If you are going to be working out then you must always be recovering. Your muscles are layered on top of your bones - if your bones are in the wrong place then your muscles will move wrong and will not move as powerfully. Your muscle move wrong so your tendons move wrong so your bones bones move wrong so your disks move wrong and you hurt. My goal is to have injury free training days so I must make sure I am recovering and getting the constant upkeep to stay happy and healthy.

1pm - 4 rounds of 500m row with 3:30 rest between rounds. I am working on form and proper pulling mechanics at this point so my 500m split times will be lower than in the past. I am taking a step back to correct my form so that I can take a step or two forward and not reach a plateau. I do not have a ego in this workout as well as my body has done a tremendous amount of work for me up to this point so I keep my strokes per minute down to 20 which will keep my intensity down for me. I pull 1:42 500m with little discomfort. This session is to build up my aerobic base which will allow me to lift more weights as I will be able to recover better between weight lifting sessions. Stretch. 40oz water consumed.

Afternoon - I spend the afternoon shipping t shirts off, picking up mail, stocking up with Progenex for the gym, grocery shopping for butter, hummus, and ham. Stretch.

3pm - 5th meal of 5 corn tortillas, Sabra hummus, and ham. 30min nap to relieve body stress. 40oz water consumed.

4:10pm - Return to gym to stock Progenex, open gym up, and go over coaching for the two evening classes. Stretch. Have long conversation with athlete about nutrition and supplements.

5:30pm - 6th meal of 5 corn tortillas, Sabra hummus, and ham. Put phone on Do Not Disturb to control stress in day and wind down so that I can sleep. Watch Top Gear UK to end day on low stress. Continue to answer emails, social media, and make arrangements/plans for Saturday. 40oz water consumed.

7:20pm - Progenex Cocoon so that I can sleep without waking up in the middle of the night hungry. When I get hungry I will wake up and be up for the rest of the day which will not let me recover and heal so the Cocoon and casein protein is a must. 40oz water consumed.

8pm - Sleep.