Lessons from Food

The nutrition challenge has completed its 3 month journey and the results were inspiring (even I was watching what I eat more closely). As the next one starts I think it's good to recap what we all learned. 

1. Life is a journey - you will have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, good months and bad months. What matters most is that you keep pushing forward with an amnesia to your faults.

2. Anything is good - we expect too much of ourselves. The scale should read more and why don't I have more muscle? Did you loose body fat by even a .1%, did you gain .1# of muscle, or did you loose .1# of body weight? If the answer is yes then be happy!

3. Now you know - how much you were really eating and that is why you had so much unwanted weight. 

4. Why you eat - to support muscle and not hunger or your body weight. You are a machine and you must fuel only what you want to support. You support muscle and you eat for your muscle. 

5. The importance of real food - real food keeps you full and processed food leaves you hungry. If you can't eat for another 3 hours then you better find food that is filling, which is never processed. 

6. Water - peeing like a race horse is actually natural. Only peeing once or twice is not. 

7. The difference - you feel alive and happy. You don't have headaches and your body feels alive. You don't feel irritable or sluggish. You have energy and a smile. Garbage in, garbage out now makes sense and you don't want to go back. 

8. The importance of stamina - this is your life! It's one of the greatest gifts you have been given and you are setting habits for a lifetime. The challenge may only last 3 months but by now you have the will power, the routine, and the results to continue. By seeing a sustainable increase in all markers this is a lifestyle now and not a crash and burn diet. The rest of your life will be towards this healthy pursuit of enjoying your life.

As Bill and Ted kinda said: "be most excellent to each other and party on."