Pagosa Springs, CO lies in the shadow of Wolf Creek Pass at 7,126 feet above sea level - high altitude training at its best. Hosting everything from skiing, snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking, and river rafting, to the world-renowned hot springs, Pagosa is a center for outdoor activities and now has a center for athletic training: CrossFit Pagosa. From our 30+ classes a week to meet your schedule, to our weight training, endurance, and yoga classes, to our nutrition challenges and counseling CrossFit Pagosa has set itself apart. Come and see what CrossFit is all about and how we can work towards your goals.



Jacob Miskimens

Co-Owner - CrossFit Pagosa Trainer - CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Growing up I was not athletic and did not play school sports. Looking for an outlet for my competitive desire, I started lifting weights as a teenager. Within several years I set world records in the deadlift at the WABDL federation. I was then fortunate to meet and train with the then 2nd Strongest Man in the World for 3 years, which helped me for the next 7 years reach the rank of number 1 Amateur in the US. Something was missing though as I struggled with injuries, proper movement, and nutrition. Moving to Pagosa Springs in 2010 was a life changer for me. I found a community that I wanted to be a part of, a team of Derby girls that inspired me to train others and be a better coach, and a town that I wanted to create something in. Since moving here I have obtained several certifications for training and coaching, as well as switching sports from Strongman to CrossFit. I love the challenge and huge variety of movements that CrossFit demands. I am excited when I see someone learn a new movement, gain new confidence, and take a step closer to their goal - that is why I wanted to be a part of bringing CrossFit, its training and its community, to Pagosa.


Sariah Ellsmore

Co-Owner - CrossFit Level 2 Trainer - Certified Yoga Instructor

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 13 years. It first started with running on my own for the freedom and escape - the runner's high. The feeling of exercising led me to Yoga and the inward connection. I became certified in Yoga and traveled the world learning about yoga and helping others by teaching classes and providing a connection. Soon I reached a point where I needed something more aggressive. This aggression happened the same time i moved to Pagosa, which I fell in love with instantly. I started participating in roller derby and found a natural back for it. I have used CrossFit to help bring my performance up on the roller derby track as well as keep myself in shape and challenged. CrossFit reminds me very much of the team aspect that the sport of roller derby brings - we are all doing CrossFit for the same reason of health but we all have our unique challenges and talents while doing CrossFit. Despite that we all cheer each other on and help each other succeed.

Jaime deGraaf

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

At a very young age training and athleticism was etched into my bones as a competitive gymnast. Being short, quick, and strong for my size, I excelled as a gymnast. What gymnastics really taught me, though, was the importance of a team and that it takes a group to develop true strength and power. After years of dedication to the sport I walked away from my gymnastics career to obtain balance in other areas of my life that needed attention. My dabbling in other areas of fitness throughout my early adult years always left me feeling empty handed, or just plain bored after a few months of “training” in either this or that. Then, in my mid-30’s, I found CrossFit. I’m very fortunate my timing with Crossfit matched Jacob’s desire to open a gym in Pagosa and I’m proud to be one of Crossfit Pagosa’s “OG’s”  (original garage) members like a few others who felt it’s benefits from day one.  After 2 WOD’s I was all in and haven’t looked back. After 2 years of reaching personal achievements it felt time to give back and in May 2015 I obtained my Crossfit Level 1 cert. My passion for CrossFit grows as I discover that whatever I set my mind to in the gym I can accomplish and this mindset rubs off into all areas of my life. CrossFit has become a lifestyle and an outlet for developing the type of person I always knew I could be. As a coach I strive to share my enthusiasm with others in the gym.  I also bring a formal background in herbalism and nutrition to support well rounded and complete fitness.


Carlie Sweet

CrossFit L1 Trainer

When I was in high school I took a weight training class and that was the first time I’d encountered weight lifting. I weighed 113 lbs. and could bench press 140 lbs. Apparently this was pretty impressive and ever since then I knew I wanted more. I tried the good old fashioned ‘gym’ several times and I just wasn’t fulfilled from that. I even tried to take up marathon running but that didn’t do it for me either. A few years ago I met some friends in the park to try this thing they called “crossfit.” All I can remember is that I was so sore and absolutely addicted. I started attending regular classes in Coach Terry’s garage until we grew and moved into the space we’re in now.

My love and appreciation for the community of CrossFit Pagosa is what actually kept me in Pagosa Springs instead of moving away. These are my people! As I gained confidence and knowledge in the fundamentals of crossfit I realized I wanted to give back to my people by learning how to coach them and help them. I now coach Intro classes and I love to help these new people learn how to be fit and gain strength. One of my favorite things about CrossFit Pagosa is that my six year old son gets to be part of this amazing community. He learns and witnesses many valuable things on a daily basis. There’s no place I’d rather have me or my son spend our time everyday than at CrossFit Pagosa.     


Sarah Howell

CrossFit L1 Trainer

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a young girl. Whether I was rollerblading with my dad, watching him lift weights in our garage, playing softball or doing competitive gymnastics- I was always on the move. As an adult I had gym memberships and did the occasional “fun” run but I had never found anything that really fueled my fire until I found CrossFit. I had my son in 2013 and found myself in the worst shape of my life, unmotivated and frankly a little unhappy. In 2014 I took the leap and joined our local CrossFit gym and haven’t looked back since. It has recharged my competitive spirit and has helped me find an inner strength I never knew I had. Being in healthcare I have a passion for helping others and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which lead me to become a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. I find so much joy watching people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels working to improve their health. I feel fortunate to be a part of CrossFit Pagosa and the continued support it provides to the community.


Kari Preuit

CrossFit L1 Trainer, WAG Nutrition Coach

I have always been in “ok” shape – not super athletic, but not a couch potato. Basketball was my sport of choice and I played it all the way through school, right here in Pagosa Springs. After high school I left for college and worked fitness into my life by joining various “globo” gyms throughout my twenties. In 2011 I  become a Certified Personal Trainer and started teaching classes. I became a Level 1 CrossFit Coach in 2018, received certification as a Nutrition Coach through the Working Against Gravity Affiliate Program in the Spring of 2019, and am now the Nutrition Coach for Crossfit Pagosa.

I love coaching athletes of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds in the gym – seeing them reach new levels and beat personal records they never thought possible! I also love coaching athletes on the nutrition side of the equation … a missing link to many fitness routines. CrossFit Pagosa is a place of inspiration and support that I am honored to be a part of. I encourage anyone - no matter where they're at on their fitness journey - to see if CrossFit Pagosa might be the "fit" their looking for.


Sylvia Thompson

CrossFit L1 Trainer

Health and exercise came into my life later than some - when I was younger and lived in Belgium the closest to exercise I did was sprinting several times a day to catch my bus. From Belgium I moved to Las Vegas before settling in Pagosa Springs with my husband. Life is about transformations and our capacity to renew ourselves seems infinite. All the urban cushy life went out of the window when I became a volunteer firefighter. Carrying heavy and bulky equipment, pulling hoses, ladder climbing, doing overhead work turned into huffing and puffing at the fire scene in the beginning. Then Crossfit Pagosa entered into my life and I never looked back. The varied functional movements performed at different intensities helped me to increase my endurance and strength. I want to share that possibility to change the dull predicament of growing old and the benefits of working out.