The Stuff I Read

Today's article will be a short and quick article on the things I read and listen to on a daily basis. Each piece I have selected in order to raise my business knowledge, gain motivation from, learn how to coach better, or round out my personality so that I have balance in my life. This is not a complete list. 

1. Brutal Therapy - podcast with one business owner, a nutritional coach and L1 seminar staff, and a Regional level Games competitor. 

2. Stuff to Blow Your Mind - the last couple episodes on Dune have made me happy. 

3. You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar - detailed book on the Sandler system of selling. 

4. The Book - Alan Watts talks about his manual to life and what it all means. 

5. Powercast - obscene humor with nuggets of lifting knowledge thrown in. Manly. 

6. The E Myth - always reading no matter how many times I've completed it. 

7. 321 Go Project - podcast on the business of running a CF gym. 

8. Froning- a documentary to keep me focused on what I will get back to: competition. 

9. Periscope - an app from Twitter that streams live broadcasts. You can watch interviews with CEOs, Games athletes, business owners, sales seminars, and marketing firms.