I am sitting in the hotel lobby at 4am and I am well outside my schedule and routine. It would be very easy to feel grumpy, negative, irritable, and overly tired. Those feelings and thoughts are a choice between two camps: abundance and scarcity.

Abundance let's see the good in everything. The list of good that has happened in the past 24 hours is long: woke up feeling great, got to the gym on time, had a great session despite my body only hein awake for 30min, had three other people with me that are all good people at their core, traveled to Denver safely, the vehicle we were in was very nice,  I never went hungry, got a hot shower, made the weigh ins for a competition on time, found a great middle eastern restaurant, drove back to the very comfortable hotel room safely, had a great dinner with great company, crawled into a bed that kept me warm and refreshed all night. 

Scarcity will only see the bad or negative in a situation. I am not going to go into all the possible negative events durin the past 34 hours because then it will build inside me and tarnish the rest of my day. An abundant person and a scarcity person both live in the same world so choice is a huge factor. Life constantly matches forward and as a situation we cannot change it, so to speak. So we must change our reaction to it!

Gratitude comes in at this point as it allows us to see the abundance around us. Gratitude will change our reaction to the situation so that we enjoy life and attract the wonderful things into our life instead of the negative. When you wake up be grateful and recite the wonderful things in your life. When you go to bed review the abundance in your life. This is the only life you can experience currently so choose to make it a great one.