Those "Days"

We all have days were we feel "off." We wake up and don't have much energy, our eyes feel heavy, and the legs are filled with lead. We get up and go about our routine but we can't seem to shake the fog. Our whole day shifts later and later as we realize that not much is going to get done till the body wakes up fully. These "blah" days affect us all so how do we deal with them?

Like any other day. We look back and see what we have accomplished the past week. Perhaps there is a reason that we feel lethargic this day. If we look back and see that we were getting a lot done earlier in the week, more than usual perhaps, then we should expect for there to be a lull day. Look on appreciation with what your body and mind has accomplished and allowed you to do up to this point. There is no room for negativity when we have things to do and we have an off day. The negative thoughts will look for any excuse they can to treat ourselves, take some off time, give into the lazy feeling, and even hide behind some good ideals of taking a rest day. Look back in the past with gratitude and see the present not as a burden but as a special opportunity to see what you are capable of. The things in life that we most want will take a coordination of mind and spirit. Perhaps on the days when we least feel like it we send the strongest message of what we want our lives to be like.

Muster your determination. Drink an extra cup of coffee. Convince yourself to get started. Stay focused on what you want to see fulfilled. You may start later in the day. Your tasks may take longer to complete. You may have to delay or cancel your weekend plans. Spend your time now creating what you want and have later to enjoy the mental and physical laurels knowing you did what you should. When you do the right thing you walk away with an internal feeling of happiness that cannot be equaled by any external source. As I type these words I reflect back on why I am convincing both you and I of these truths. Many workouts were done, my sleep is off from making time for others, new faces came into the gym both morning and evening, scary plans were made, nutrition was tweaked, and a cheat meal was had. With every event a negative and positive thought went through my head. By focusing on the positive, sometimes repeating it several times,  and putting in the work that needs to get done every week, the gym will continue to grow both in numbers and the maturity of the community.

These Coach's Articles are as much for me and they are for you.