The Greatest Teacher

There is a common theme to all my articles - your mindset. The reason is that your mind is the greatest tool that you must be training every day. If you do not train it then it will run you instead of you running it. This is the first lesson it teaches.

When we wake up we have a wonderful opportunity to create a world of abundance, happiness, and richness. When we go to bed and look back at what happened what is it we see. Do we see gratitude or do we see lack? Did we face the day with courage or fear? Did we invest in ourselves and in our future by making decisions and actions that pay off now or later? People who walk around with a smile and people who drain you with negativity both live in the same world. What we choose to feel and how we choose to act is the second lesson we are taught. 

Fear is our third lesson. Zig Ziglar made mention of fear being an acronym: forget everything and run or face everything and rise. Which do you pick? When your palms go sweaty, your color goes, your heart picks up, you get twitchy - this is your body preparing you to face fear not run from it! We no longer live in a world where fleeing from a physical danger is a common occurrence. However, your body still remembers how to gear up to fight and this is the path we must take. A life lived without confrontation of character is a life filled with regret. Great things don't come easy nor do they come from running away. You don't get a prize from running away from the finish line. You get the prize for running towards it, for breathing hard, for being uncomfortable as your lungs burn and legs feel like lead. Learn to harness fear and make it your friend. This is the third lesson.

Our mind can be our greatest teacher or our worst slave master. How your life turns out is a display of which role you let your mind become.