The Wall

Today's article will be short because video is better than words. The Open is over and either some of you are happy with your performance or you are not. Some of you got frustrated, angry,  and even cried. When you are presented with an obstacle what do you do? Do you let the wall box you in and make your world a little smaller? Are you the type of person that pushes that wall back and actually makes your world a little bigger? 


Below you will find a link to a video on CrossFit's YouTube page. You can watch the whole thing but the part that inspired this article starts at 53:28 and continued till 59:10. You will watch 2014 Fittest Woman on Earth Camile struggle and swear excessively and get angry BUT not quit. Through the struggle she finds a way. In everything you do please push that wall back. 

You can find the link to the video HERE