Periscope - The Learning App

Part of the explanation for the success of our gym is the community factor. We are surrounding ourselves with people of like mind, people that we look up to, people that are where we want to be in the future, and people that inspire us to do more. The gym allows each of us to surround ourselves with successful people and thanks to technology we no longer have to be in the same place to connect with successful people. This is the aspect that Periscope embodies for me.

Periscope is an app from Twitter. You will have to have a Twitter account to access the content on Periscope but it doesn't post on your behalf, send out requests to your friends to join, and require you to use any of the features on Twitter. Periscope is a live broadcast streaming service that will allow you to watch 'scopes up to 24 hours after the broadcast ended. As with all tools Periscope can be used for evil - watching Kylie Jenner apply makeup and complain about the LA sun being too bright - or you can choose to use Periscope for good. You can watch MadLab Group and take free sales seminars. You can listen to the motivational rants of Adam Frisella and 1stPhorm. You can watch a coached class at national level CF gyms like Hyperfit USA or Diablo CF. You can see the personal training of Dani Horan, a games level athlete. You can listen to the story of the man who brought the computer with Internet access to the hotel by watching ASK A MILLIONAIRE. You can learn about how to exchange foreign currencies via a user called OceanSky.

The successful people and higher educated people are no longer inaccessible. The belief that you cannot learn from the people that are far away or that you don't think you would be worthy to meet is no longer a viable excuse. Technology is lowering the cost of getting into the room that you feel inferior in.

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