The Future of Things

The coming months of programming will be revealing a new direction for the gym. This article will go on to explain why you are seeing the changes. These changes are coming from the natural growth of training, business, and the needs of fitness. These changes are intended to meet your needs of fitness, body composition, and confidence better.

The programming will be changing slightly to include more standard movements. This will allow you to keep track of your fitness better in ZenPlanner, to know you are making improvement, and to utilize a newer feature in ZenPlanner with its "charts of progress." There will be new strength work added to all classes that compliment the main movement. For instance - on a strict press day we will perform a 6-8 min EMOM and then follow it up with tricep pressdowns to help with your press and your lockout. All classes, except for PWOD Friday, will end with progression work for the harder movements (GHD situps, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbow, HSPU, etc.). This strength and progression work is the next step after the corrective exercises were added to address the common weak areas of posture, shoulder health, glute strength, and low back issues. With all new layers it becomes another safeguard but there is no ultimate safeguard - this is real life.

The gym has placed a new importance on nutrition. There is Progenex next to the couch that gives you an extremely high quality answer to recovery from morning, to post workout, to through out the day, and finally at night. I can personally vouch that it is some of the best supplements I have ever taken. There is another option for people with our partnership with GamePlan ( This move was made as it offered a more economical source of grass fed protein, BCAA, and vitamins. The last move we have made is to offer a recovery drink very familiar to CrossFitters: FitAID. FitAID has anti-inflammation, BCAA, electrolytes, anti-oxidants, joint support, and immune support. WHY THE EMPHASIS ON SUPPLEMENTS? If all you do is workout and don't address your nutrition then you will become frustrated and stop WODding. You will blame your workouts, create a false reality that its just too hard for you to loose weight, and find yourself worse off than before. IF you want your body to change then you must give it all the components it needs to change through the constant message of healthy food and healthy quantities. Supplements will not make or break your body in terms of how it looks but with our busy lives supplements will help you achieve it.

There are many changes on the horizon at CrossFit Pagosa and I wanted you to know and understand why. If you understand the why then you can personally become invested in the process. This journey, if it is to be successful, will have to be your own. No one can walk your path for you but we at CrossFit Pagosa can walk next to you and help you out.