THE Number 1 way to Succeed in the Gym

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

That's it. It is not some german-bulgarian squat program or multi-tiered, 6 stratified macro cycle of barbell complexes. It is an all consuming ideal that permeates all your thoughts. If you focus on the big picture than the details will always take care of themselves. In business if you focus on the daily habits you will be consumed. In business if you focus on your dreams then your goals and daily habits will get taken care of. In the gym you must focus on hitting an overhead squat that would make an olympian proud. Have that dream in focus and your daily habit of stretching will take care of itself because that ideal is consuming your thoughts. You pay attention to how you sit, how your shoulders are positioned, if one foot is front of the other when you stand, etc. Be consumed by creating the new. Have your vision on what will be and not what is. Focus on your ideal weight. Focus on your next unbroken pull up or double under. See yourself there and your actions will mirror your journey to the goal. THE number 1 way to succeed in the gym is to have your energy focused on building the new.