Single Serve Days

There is a quote out there that talks about travel, time zones, being out of your sleep rhythm, and eating weird food. I am not going to quote it exactly but it boils down to single serve friends, single serve food, single serve condiments. Being constantly in motion can lead to this possibly negative introspection on your morning as you prepare yourself for a day of chance. Each day is seemingly 50/50 - it may be good or it may be bad. Like luck we can think of it as only chance that leads to this good day happening. The good day is what we want but there are outside factors I can't control that leave my day out of my hand. What if I cant find water, there are no places open for breakfast when I'm up, there is no CF gym nearby, i slept on a bed that was soft, i forgot to pack my gym shoes, the water in the shower is full of harsh minerals and my skin is dry which really just sets my day off, etc. etc. etc.

The people around you that you think have it all - all the things that you currently want, which will change once you actually get them - are living in the same world as you. They are influenced by the same factors and they are "ahead" of you. How? Responsibility mentality vs Victim mentality. See everything as your responsibility. If your brain rejects that then ponder on it.