Fitness while on Vacation

There is no reason why you can't stay fit on vacation. The enemy of fitness on vacation is convenience. The equipment is still there to lift. The track is still there to run. The grocery store and restaurants are still there to keep you eating right. However, its no longer easy to keep up your schedule that you did at home. It is too easy to use this as an excuse to become the victim and not take responsibility for your health. YOU can exercise control.

While I was on a 6 day vacation with a competition in the near future it would be easy to write off the whole week and assume that I will either stagnate or regress in my fitness. With some creativity in the hotel fitness room, some Google searches, and a connection with my friends I was able to keep my workouts up. Here are the workouts that I was able to perform while on vacation:

Hotel WODs

Leg press + split squat
Leg curl + 1 leg rdl
Db bench + fly
Strict k2e
Shoulder press

Chest 1 arm chest press, machine press, fly
Shoulders side raise
Lats pull down, 1 arm row
Bicep concentration curl
Abs leg lifts

4 rds
Run 400m
15 Db thrusters 45
3 rds
8 chins
10 cable kneeling obliques

I used my connections from my friends to find a church that had an open to the public free gym time to perform the following workouts:

Power clean
Front squat
Arnold press

Power snatch
Back squat
Strict c2b
V ups

The problem with working out while on vacation is convenience. I had to spend travel time to and from the gym. I bike 3 miles to one gym and 3 miles back while getting lost several times in one instance. Think of any previous time you were on vacation and the extra effort it took you to do something that is basic when you are at home. Fitness is the same way - you just have to make it a priority.