Passion vs Work

I'm thinking of the phrase "Find a job that you never need a vacation from." That phrase is bull shit. No matter how much you love your job, get energized from those around you, or feel that you have found your calling - it will take work. Your passion will not be fueled or built by love, butterflies, and wishes. You will still need to put in work. You will have long days, stressful interactions, days where everything goes wrong, your training doesn't go well. You will have days where your eating is off, your body aches, and you slept wrong. Your passion will be the reason you go through the shit days. Your passion will push you to work long hours after the clock, work weekends, and do the little things that are tedious. Your passion requires work and you aren't going to be thrilled to do some of it. Unless you find a sugar momma or sugar daddy, your Passion is built through work that you will need to take a vacation from, that you will need to recharge from, that you will get tired of. Work needs rest. the rest will bring you back to your training or job with new fire, direction, and purpose. Do your work, make sure it is aligned with your passion, and keep your eye open for your sugar provider.