Qualities of a CrossFitter

CrossFit is not right for everyone. Pushing CrossFit on everyone is like telling other people that whatever they think is wrong - you like the Red Mustang because I like the Red Mustang. What you will notice about the people that like CrossFit and stick with it are several things. Below is a short and incomplete list of the qualities of a CrossFitter.

  1.  Hard Work - You understand that things worth having don't come easy, from a pill, from comfort.
  2. Honesty - If you cheat your reps you won't get the results you want.
  3. Humble - There is so much to learn and you realize that you don't know it all. When someone gives you a correction or tip you learn from it.
  4. Calm - Mid-WOD you get a "No Rep" and you understand to let it go immediately and keep working. You don't stop and argue with the judge.
  5. Happiness - There is always a smile, a high 5, and a "good job."
  6. Friendliness - We all recognize the crazy in the other person who is going to WOD with us so we welcome them.
  7. Chalk - We breathe it in after a good application to our hands.