Train your Weakness

Today's article will be a short run-on sentence of a rant in retrospect to my crazy Tuesday WODs.

We all have activities that we are good at and those that do not come easily to us. I used those terms on purpose because you are "good" at whatever you want to be. We all too often use the powerful phrase "I am..." and fill in the blank with a limiting belief. When there is struggle it is too easy to think that we aren't meant for that, we aren't good at that, or that I will give up. We create our own limitations, our own prison, our own hell. As a coach I see this all too often with push ups and people continuing to hold themselves to a weaker standard. Once challenged they find out that they can do a strict push up, joy runs across their face, a wall is taken down in their mind, and that athlete starts doing strict push ups all the time. Push ups may not come easy and we may not be gifted at them but we can make them a strength through time and effort. We can make them something that we do and not an activity that "others" can do. With many self limiting beliefs you will find a common trait of an imaginary person that can do this or that by the term "they", "her", "him" and other non specific nouns. This is the is cop out that the mind plays. Challenge your self with the hard things for that is where your true potential will come from.