8 Tips To Get The Body You Want

  1. Nutrition First - We are all different so our caloric needs will different. There is the bad ass diet plan, the zone, the renaissance, the classic body building diet and many more. The most successful ones are the ones that allow you to eat a little of everything. Eat your fats, your carbs, and your protein. Men tend to eat more fat and carbs than they need to because they have to have "MAN" portions of everything. Women tend to eat too little protein because they are taught that protein will turn you into a massive hulk
  2. Breathe Everyday - If you want to be lean then do metabolic conditioning and cardio. If you want to be huge then do your metcons and cardio. If you want to be strong then do your metcons and cardio.
  3. Focus on Form - You must move correctly if you want to move lots of weight, train everyday, get lean, get tone, get the body you want. If you do not move correctly then your points will not like you. Joints take a long time to heal. Muscles heal fast. Chase form and pain free lifting and you will find yourself with the body you want.
  4. Focus on Yourself - That is the only variable you can control. You don't know how long the person with abs has trained or what diet they are on. You don't know what the genetics of that person are. Focus on the factors that determine your performance: sleep, diet, and your form. 
  5. Stop Chasing Heavy Weights - You can't go hard every single day. If you chase the "Rx" and you feel twinges or discomfort then STOP! The human body is supposed to move everyday. If you trash it and cause it to have to stop and recover for 2-3 days then you are missing out on the toning capabilities of consistency.
  6. Practice Feeling - Do more things with your eyes closed. Your body has untold amounts of nerves that only tell you where you are in space. These same connections will help you activate the muscles you want, keep your core tight, squeeze your glutes, help you fire your muscles in the proper order to perform a snatch, and keep you injury free.
  7. Come Early and Stay Late - CrossFit is a general physical program. If you have specific goals then come early and get your work done. If you have specific goals then stay late to get your work done. What do you want to work on? Push-ups? Pull-ups? Dips? Toes to Bar? Handstand Push-ups? Handstand Walks? Muscle Ups? You must put in the extra work to achieve these skills.
  8. Ego - Fuck that shit! 'Nuf said.