The Truth about Abs

The common goal for people is to have the six pack. The six pack has become a standard that goes hand in hand with physical ability, fitness, health, the ability to attract other hot single people, and status. The six pack though needs to come with an understanding of several key points.

  1. Everyone has a six pack. If you did not have the abdominal muscles in the front of your body you could not stand, walk, balance, etc. Some six packs are just wrapped up in a very expensive and time consuming blanket of excess calories.
  2. Media Falsehoods. You can look at any newsstand or social media outlet and see untold amounts of pictures of the six pack. The people you see in these photos probably don't look like that currently. The photographer also took many, many photos on the day that the model's abs were at their peak and it will be many, many months that those pics will be used. 
  3. Genetics. Some people walk around with better genetics that allows them to be leaner, taller, have bigger hands, darker skin, straight hair, or a six pack. Just like all other attributes of a person their abs are also genetically controlled. Someone can walk around with abs as it comes more naturally to them. This is no way speaks to their ability to be physically able, fit, healthy, or any other conclusion. We apply a bias onto that person from a glance based off the sic pack.
  4. Abs come and go. If you want a six pack then you should restrict your calories for a time but not long and extended times. There is a wave-like pattern to your diet just like the 3 hard weeks and 1 easy week in your training. You will underfeed yourself for a time and then eat more calories and then underfeed again. If you underfeed or under eat for too long it will become unhealthy.

The truth about abs is this: patience and hard work. Anything you want has these two requirements attached to them.