Competitor Class

I am using the Coach's Article this week to impress am ideal that I hold to be most supreme: we are a community one and all, from the youngest to the oldest and from the athlete to one just starting.

The beauty of the community is that we are not all the same. We each bring our own brilliant quirkiness to the gym and that is not what separates us but makes us unique and wonderful. Below you will find the requirements for the competitor class. This is not a super secret club with special rings, handshakes, triple security measures so that the "elite" can feel important. The competitor class is designed to prepare people for the Sport of CrossFit - very, very different than CrossFit for health. If you have any further questions about this class then please take the time to email me at:

6 months current CrossFit training
Gymnastics - Must meet 3 out of 4
Strict Pull-ups - 10/4
Kipping Pull-ups - 15/8
Strict Ring Dips - 5/1
Box Jump - 30/24
Monostructural - Must meet 2 out of 3
DU - 30/30
500m Row - sub 2 min/sub 2:30 min
1000m Row - 4 min/5 min
Weightlifting - Must meet 5 out of 6
Strict Press - .75BW/.5BW
Back Squat - 1.25BW/1BW
Dead Lift - 1.5BW/1BW
Front Squat - 1BW/.75BW
Push Press - 1BW/.75BW
Power Clean - .75BW/.5BW