When Motivation Runs Out

We have all reached the point where our initial enthusiasm about a goal or project has passed and now the grind settles in. The distractions are pilling up and it is becoming easier to reason away why missing this once, twice, fifth time is ok. Our mind is starting to tell us to forget about it. We do not have the energy to continue as the goal seems too far away to be realistic. How do we keep going?

You just do! You take the hard road! Your will power is a muscle and the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. All the great things in life take time - put in your time! Get up out of bed with out thinking about how tired you are. Start going through the motions of your task and your mind will wake up. Focus on the great privilege you have with your job and what it allows you to do. Focus on the warm water, the fridge with food, the lights that always turn on. There are many people that would call this a luxury and you are not appreciating how blessed you are? Focus on your good health, your life of abundance, the people you know and get to meet. Focus on the scenery that we are blessed with. Focus on the difference you have made. 

If you stop your pity party and silo thinking that "nobody knows what its like" then you will see the beauty that is around you. You will see the changes that you have made. You will recognize how your body has wonderfully served you and allows you to accomplish activities in this day. You will become happy with where you are which will give you the strength to continue down on the journey towards your contentment.