The most common goal among everyone at CFP is body composition. We have an ideal weight in our head, an ideal personal look, and the pressure from society on how we should look. The decision comes down to a strawberry daiquiri or abs. 

the reason people show up to a gym is that they hope that by increasing their physical activity and burning those calories that everything will change. By working out they can somehow justify and burn off that pizza, margaritas, nachos, or all of the weekend. The gym and your body doesn't work that way. The gym tells your body HOW you want to look. Your eating habits tell your body WHAT to look like.  

Everyone is going for "abs" but that is just a code word for the ideal shape they have in their head. If you want abs you have a decision: strawberry daiquiri or water. There is nothing inherently wrong with a strawberry daiquiri. There is nothing wrong with water and restricting your consumption with a goal of abs. Whatever decision you make you must be content with the results. Don't bring negative emotions into it and create some taboo or fetish. Enjoy your water. Enjoy your abs. Enjoy your daiquiri. 

The decision is all about your goals and where you are in life. Be aware that training alone will not make you lean, powerful, and desirable. Be aware that nachos, raspberry cheesecake, and sweet tea are delicious and calorie dense. You will have to make a decision about which option or road you will take: abs or food. Both are far different roads and destinations. Which path you take is up to you. Your body reflects what decision you make.